Harkiran Sekhon, Attorney at Law

Hello! My name is Harkiran Sekhon, and I am an estate planning attorney in Washington. I assist individuals prepare thorough and thoughtful estate plans to protect their loved ones. An estate plan can consist of a Trust, Will, and other legal documents. When prepared correctly, these documents can save those left behind from substantial stress and legal costs. Moreover, an estate plan can assist in building generational wealth and setting up the next generation for success. Many do not realize the importance of estate planning documents until the need is immediate. Fortunately, there is no need to procrastinate. At Sekhon Law, our mission is to make estate planning an easy process for our clients and to provide peace of mind. 

Through my own personal experiences, I have seen the turmoil that results from not having an estate plan (court hearings, unanticipated legal costs, family conflict, and lack of direction). On the flipside, I have seen the benefits of having a Will or Trust in place. That being said, providing clients with a hassle-free estate planning experience is of utmost importance to me. 

When I first opened Sekhon Law, PLLC, I knew I wanted to offer flat fee legal services rather than using an hourly billing model. I much prefer a flat fee model because clients know how much their services will cost at the very beginning of the representation. In contrast, an hourly fee can leave clients apprehensive because total cost is unclear until the very end of a legal matter.  I also like to make sure clients understand how their estate plans work, so they feel empowered and are able to explain it to family members. 

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Washington Estate Planning Attorney