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Individual - $862.00

Couple     - $1,062.00

What is a DPOA? DPOA stands for Durable Power of Attorney, a mighty component of any estate plan. This offer is for folks who want comprehensive estate planning documents in the most painless way possible. You know you need to be prepared in case of emergency, but you also want ease in the process because you already have a lot going on! This is an opportunity to trade some of the what-ifs for some peace.

We facilitate the entire process. Meet with the attorney for an initial 30 minute discovery call, and we'll take it from there. 

You will receive the following: 

  • discovery call with attorney

  • durable financial power of attorney

  • durable healthcare power of attorney

  • healthcare directive

  • signing conference*

Click the  'Book Now' link to get started. 

*Offer expires July 30, 2021 at 4PM PST. ARAG members and WEA members not eligible. Offer is limited to one per person.