Durable power of attorney in Washington state

Updated: Feb 5

What is a durable power of attorney? It is a legal document that grants certain powers to the agent of your choosing. The agent's authority can come into effect should you ever become disabled and/or incompetent or as soon as the document is executed. This depends on your preference.

When considering whom you would like to designate as your agent, also consider the type of powers you would want your agent to have. In Washington State, the Uniform Power of Attorney Act has a fairly broad scope. Unless you specify otherwise, your agent will have control over your real property, tangible personal property, bank accounts, businesses, legal claims and litigation, healthcare, and quite a few more matters. You have the ability to limit or expand the power your agent will have. Talk to your lawyer about how you can make those power designations clear in your durable power of attorney.

Further, you have the ability to revoke a power of attorney if you decide you no longer want a certain individual to act as your agent.

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