The New Legal Buzz: Unbundled Services

Updated: Aug 20

The legal landscape is changing for the better thanks to the low bono movement. Law practices in the area are beginning to recognize that you, the client, do no not always need start-to-finish legal representation. This traditional model of representation can become rather costly and unnecessary. Often, with the right guidance, you are able to complete some steps yourself, so there is little reason to pay an attorney for something you could do at a fraction of the cost.

This is where the idea of unbundled legal services comes into play. More and more, law practices are taking the time to identify exactly what you need legal assistance with and then help specifically with that matter. This unbundled service model is designed to help you successfully navigate through your legal matter because you still have the support and knowledge of an attorney for the more complex parts. Having an attorney for the more complex parts will minimize the risk of creating a bigger problem in your legal matter.

Of course, there are certain legal issues that require the more traditional model of representation. However, if you simply need assistance with one motion hearing, document preparation, or any smaller singular task, you may want to look into unbundled services as a cost effective option.

Sekhon Law offers unbundled services as part of our commitment to making legal services more accessible and affordable. Please contact us today if you have any questions regarding these services!

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