Virtual estate planning

Updated: Mar 27

Like many industries, the pandemic forced the legal field to lean into technology in a way never seen before. Some groaned, kicked, and screamed. Others applauded these advances and noted that they were long overdue.

At Sekhon Law, PLLC we embraced the change for many reasons. First off, there was a pandemic. Virtual estate planning made practical sense and kept everyone safe.

Second, we quickly realized that DIY was the only widely available online option for estate planning. Attorneys study for years to practice law and are required to attend educative seminars to keep current on legal developments. Estate planning is a highly complex area of law. DIY estate planning is like bringing a thimble of water to a very dehydrated person.

Third, virtual estate planning is so much more convenient and efficient. Time is a luxury for most. Why drive down to an attorney's office, find parking, wait for the receptionist, meet with the attorney, etc., when you can make yourself a coffee, plop down on the couch, and switch on your laptop? You are still receiving personalized estate planning advice, and you get to return to the rest of your day so much more quickly.

For these reasons, Sekhon Law, PLLC will offer both virtual and in-person services. We are serving clients all throughout Washington State.

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