What are Low Bono Legal Services?

Updated: Aug 20

There is a movement in the legal community to make legal services more affordable. This change is a direct response to a current conundrum many clients face when seeking legal representation. These folks make too much money to qualify for legal aid but do not make enough to afford average attorney fees.

“Low bono” services are meant for those who find themselves in the predicament described above. Individuals typically are 200 to 400 percent above the federal poverty line. A growing number of practices offer low bono services so more have access to affordable legal assistance.

Sekhon Law is part of the low bono movement. In addition, we offer free legal consultations! In all honesty, low bono services should be called “reasonably-priced legal services,” but the phrase does not have quite the same flow as “low bono.”

The chart below outlines income ranges of households that could benefit from access to low bono legal services. This chart reflects 2017 household incomes (U.S. department of Health and Human Services).

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